Fuso Heavy

In Japan it is known as the Fuso ‘Super Great’. The Australian Fuso ‘Heavy’ nomenclature is a little less boastful, but still an accurate moniker; not so much in reference to the truck’s tare weight, but more so to mark it as a serious heavy-duty category contender. 

The Heavy’s B-double rating probably won’t be called upon very often as this is a truck that is right at home in single trailer and tipper and dog configurations. The 8×4 FS version has found favour particularly in the waste disposal industry and its load sharing front suspension has also proved to be an advantage in mining configurations.

The Heavy’s cab is available in standard and high roof versions and has plenty of width at 2.45 metres. It’s also approved as an ADR42/04 sleeper in two-seat configuration. A neat feature is the ability to open the rear quarter windows for ventilation – which would be appreciated by someone using the sleeper berth. The cab has air suspension front and rear, which, combined with the Isri driver’s seat, really smoothens out the bumps without encouraging motion sickness.

Service departments, meanwhile, will appreciate the electro/hydraulic cab tilting mechanism, although they won’t get to use it very often as the Heavy has a solid 40,000 kilometre service interval.

The passenger side door is fitted with a transom window, which is a feature of most trucks across the Fuso range. The window provides better vision of the curb blind spot than a fiddly little mirror would.

The Heavy’s interior features a wrap around dash that provides easy access to all controls without any overreaching. The number of warning lamps and buzzers would be at home in a jumbo jet, but the objective is to provide the driver with plenty of feedback as to what is happening with the truck’s multiple systems.

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