Fuso challenges parts market with second brand

Following a successful pilot launch and positive customer feedback in several of its Asian and Middle Eastern core markets, the Fuso is significantly expanding its after sales business with its second brand named Diamond Value Parts.

Started in the beginning of 2011 with a selected portfolio of Diamond Value Parts spare components in key markets of Asia and the Middle East, the program will increase its product portfolio to more than 150 parts during 2012, distributed to customers in more than 100 markets around the globe through Fuso’s worldwide distribution network.

The spare parts of this additional Fuso after sales brand clearly stand out in comparison to products of other market participants in terms of quality, dependability, and efficiency, while being significantly lower priced than genuine parts. Fuso thereby aims to expand into an additional and attractive business segment.

This expansion to the existing spare parts program offers owners of aged vehicles an additional option to optimize their cost of operation, thus contributing to reduced total cost of ownership over the total lifecycle. It also allows dealers to attract new customers, including clients in markets with a traditionally lower penetration of original spare parts.

“The very positive customer and distributor feedback in our pilot markets has encouraged us to expand our product portfolio of our second parts brand Diamond Value Parts in the after sales business. We now are going to offer a significant product range of more than 150 highly relevant parts – and we do so in more than 100 countries worldwide,” said Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss, MFTBC Vice President of Sales and Service International.

By end of 2012, the product offer will include a wide range of frequently required parts, such as brakes, clutches, and filters. “This expansion once more underlines our customer orientation. We also constantly optimize our Fuso products in terms of operating costs to maintain a leading position in our core markets“, Seidenfuss added.

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