Furniture Removals and Transport receive first JAC truck

Queensland-based furniture removalist, Furniture Removals and Transport, has become the first operator in Australia to take delivery of a JAC J65 light duty truck purchased from Sunshine Coast based dealer, Ray Grace Truck Sales.

“I have traditionally run Japanese-built trucks but a recent glitch with one of those trucks left us high and dry and well so we decided to give JAC a go,” said Bill Watt of Furniture Removals and Transport.

According to Watt, the truck’s Cummins engine was a major factor in deciding to give JAC a try. “Price was obviously a consideration but the main factor was the Cummins engine and the strong warranty,” he said.

“Obviously the price was very attractive given that the JAC was $20,000 less than the quote I received for an equivalent truck from the Japanese brand we have been using up until now, but the peace of mind that comes from a Cummins engine and strong warranty was far more important in my eyes.”

The 6.5 tonne JAC J65 is powered by a 3.8 litre Cummins ISF engine and a six speed JAC transmission with a 6.5 tonne GVM.

In addition, all JAC light-duty models are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emission control, which enables the Cummins engines to run cooler and more efficiently.

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