Fuel tax credit reduction confirmed

Anthony Albanese, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, has officially confirmed the decrease in fuel tax credits as of July 1 2013 when registerung the Road User Charge Determination 2013.

This confirmation means the fuel tax credits received by truck operators, who are included under the scheme, will fall from the current 12.643 cent per litre to 12.003 cents per litre. This equates to an increase in the road user charge for heavy vehicles from 25.5 cents per litre to 26.14 cents per litre.

To qualify for the fuel tax credit, diesel vehicles over 4.5 tonnes GVM, travelling on a public road have to meet one of four environmental criteria. These include, being manufactured after January 1, 1996, being registered in an audited maintenance program that is accredited by the Transport Secretary, complying with a maintenance schedule endorsed by that Transport Secretary or having been proven to have passed the DT 80 exhaust gas emissions test.

A full explanation of the changes is available on the National transport Commission's website.

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