Fuel saving axles

In Sweden, Volvo has announced a new rear axle which it claims can cut fuel consumption by up to 2%. By going with a single reduction design as opposed to a hub reduction axle the company has developed a new model, the RSS 1360, with the capacity to handle trucks up to a GCM of 60 tonnes. The new axle is available, in Europe, to be fitted to both FH and FM ranges from Volvo.

“Low fuel consumption is always a high priority issue and for customers working in long haul operations, whose vehicles may cover several hundred thousand kilometres a month, a reduction of a couple of percent represents a major cost saving,” says Hayder Wokil, Product Manager for Long Haul for Volvo in Sweden.

“The trend in Europe shows an increasing shift towards more powerful trucks and larger vehicle rigs. The introduction of the new rear axle is one of many measures from Volvo designed to show that efficient and fast transport can also be very economic.”

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