Freightliner unveils New Cascadia ahead of testing

Daimler Truck and Bus yesterday offered media its first preview of the Freightliner New Cascadia.

The Cascadia 116 was showcased in blue naval camouflage, fitted with a 13-litre Detroit diesel engine and a DT12 transmission in left-hand drive. A 16-litre model was also being delivered for testing. Both have been ordered as daycabs for flexibility. 

By bringing in the left-hand drive vehicles available to it, Freightliner will maximise its testing window.

Stephen Downes, Freightliner Australian Director, said it would be the first time that testing of this nature with a left hand drive commercial vehicle has been conducted in Australia.

“We’re going to an effort that we’ve never been to before locally to make sure these trucks are up to scratch,” he said.

“It offers an unparalleled opportunity for the Freightliner brand in Australia.”

Comprehensive testing will begin in earnest ahead of its availability, which has been slated for market, first quarter 2020.

The truck on display was fitted with cameras — installed as part of the requirements to allow it to operate on the road.

Testing and the development program will be run hand in hand with Daimler Trucks North America. It will cover all operational systems, including the fuel systems, the safety systems, the fit and finish of the cab, durability and fuel economy.

“We’re leveraging of that global expertise in North America by providing them with customised Australian data that is fit for purpose.”

In the past the Australian market has had trucks intoduced into it not fit for purpose said Downes.

“I vow not to make that mistake. There can be no doubt that this truck is ready when we launch it to market.”

Downes said Freightliner Cascadia will offer an opportunity to provide technology from safety passenger cars.

The Freightliner Cascadia will contain two airbags in a bonneted truck. Downes said it was a game changer for conventional trucks.

“It presents an opportunity for the brand to reinvent itself and offer customers what they are looking for,” said Downes.




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