Freight Week Environment Day

Freight Week 2011 continued today with Environment Day. Two sessions were held focusing on environment and waste management.

Highlights from the day are detailed below.

Environment Session:
Environment Day brings together operators, freight customers, suppliers and policy makers to address saving fuel, saving money and saving the environment. After reviewing the results of surveys and hearing from global experts the day finishes with a plenary to deliver ideas and solutions.
• Frank Muller from the NTC provided strong praise for the VTA for its leadership on the Environment issue. Frank alerted us to new engines being developed in the US and Japan that will save up to 20% on fuel.
• Bob Wright, referring to the survey results, explained 54% of operators were active in fleet efficiency and 88% were trialing driver behavior initiatives. However, only 12% were actively tracking carbon.
• Martin Cowley reviewed environmental initiative schemes like the VTA’s Ecostation from around the world like Freight Best Practice (UK) and Smartway (US) that has saved $6.1b to date. These have been extremely successful.
• A panel of leading operators gave very successful examples of their own initiatives such as wage bonuses for fuel savings (5%), B20 biodiesel (9.4% carbon saved so far), not retiring linehaul trucks onto local.
Overall the feedback concluded that saving fuel, money and the environment was eminently possible for all and had already been achieved by many around the world.

Freight Safety Day will be held tomorrow. It aims to bring participants up to date with new laws, programs and safety guidance relevant to the freight sector. It will present ‘best practice’ programs and focus on how to implement cost effective and measurable safety programs.

To attend Freight Safety Day or any of the other remaining days of Freight Week, come to the Melbourne Park Function Centre and enroll. Details and bookings are available online at

Freight Week 2011 is hosted by the Victorian Transport Association and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce. Freight Week 2011 is being held from Monday 5th to Friday 9th September 2011 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre (Tennis Centre).

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