Freight Week 2013 almost here

The 2013 edition of Freight Week is just around the corner. It will be held from Monday, 2 September, to Friday, 6 September, at the Melbourne Park Function Centre.

Hosted by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) every two years, Freight Week will address the current state of Australia’s commercial road transport industry with sessions focusing on business and technology trends, safety and congestion.

According to VTA Executive Director, Philip Lovel AM, delegates will be able to see hands-on demonstrations of leading technologies from spectrum of issues that affect our industry, and to discuss where the future of freight is headed.

“Freight Week is a freight industry owned and sponsored event with a ticket price around a tenth of commercial conferences, yet its value in networking and professional content is immense,” he said.

Each of the five days will address specific topics important for the future of Australia’s commercial road transport industry. The Monday session will discuss impact of technology on transport and how to improve road congestion; while Tuesday covers transport issues in the waterfront and rail network sectors. On Wednesday, delegates will get an insight into how transport companies are addressing the needs of staff members and how road transport abroad is impacting the Australian industry; while Thursday takes a closer look at ‘Safety in Transport’ as a whole, concluding with a summary on Freight Week and what lies ahead for the future of the Australia’s transport industry on the Friday.

Freight Week is expected to attract freight owners and movers, freight solutions providers, Government regulators, policy and enforcement personnel and a variety of other interested parties. Keynote speakers will be Chris Riddell, Chief Digital Officer of Mars; Gary Liddle, CEO of VicRoads; Brian Negus, General Manager Public Policy of the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV); Tony Noske,Executive Director Operations at Noske Group, Jim Riordan, Managing Director of Riordan Grains; Rob McNeil, Assistant Commissioner Fire and Rescue NSW; as well as Brian Negus, Chair of ITS Australia and Peter Anderson, CEO of the Scott Group.

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