Freight People Day 2011 – VTA launches Logistics Cadetship

At Freight People Day today, Victorian Transport Association (VTA) Chief Executive, Philip Lovel, announced that the VTA is launching a Logistics Cadetship Program.  “The VTA is very excited and pleased to announce this fantastic new venture supporting young people getting into this industry. We know there are plenty of young people who are interested and just need a guiding hand into this industry. This program has plenty to offer to both the Cadets and the Companies who take them on.”

The transport and logistics industry is critical to the economic growth and sustainability of Australia’s economy. It provides a vital service, moving people and freight locally, regionally, nationally and internationally using a variety of modes including road, rail, sea and air.

Research shows the Victorian industry will need almost 15,000 extra workers over the next three years.  The Victorian transport and logistics industry is one of the state’s largest sectors, employing more than 330,000 people and contributing more than 14 per cent of the state’s Gross State Product.

Mr Lovel said, “The Cadetship Program is available to companies of all sizes, and many companies may already have a potential cadet employed already.  The program is open to anyone aged between 18 and 25 who has completed year 12.”

VTA Logistics Cadets graduate after two years with a Certificate IV in Logistics and a Diploma of Logistics.  Over the two year program the VTA helps with recruiting cadets, overseeing cadets at their workplace and during study blocks, and assists companies in managing their cadets and the program.

“Another bonus is that employers may be eligible for financial incentives of up to $8000 to support the training of the cadets,” Mr Lovel said.

He continued, “The transport and logistics industry offers a diverse range of exciting career opportunities that are local, national and global.  Whatever you are into, you can get into transport and logistics.”

Further information on the Logistics Cadetship can be found at or contact VTA’s Business Development Manager, Kerri Langes, on 03 9646 8590.

For more information, visit:

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