Forks ‘4’ U customises Isuzu NQR

Materials handling specialist, Forks ‘4’ U, has modified a new Isuzu NQR 450 to offer on-the-spot servicing to its customers in remote locations. Based in Townsville, Mackay, Cairns and Rockhampton, the company spent four months turning the vehicle into a mobile workshop.

“We previously ran with vans, which we still do for inner city jobs, but sometimes we need to have our technicians head out west from Mackay for up to a week at a time; and this new truck gives us the ability to carry enough parts and oils to do that. In the past we’d only be able to operate for about two days’ work away,” said Forks ‘4’ U Director, Darren Gardiner.

According to Forks ‘4’ U, the new solution is improving the team’s operational efficiencies and service delivery.

“Basically I was given free rein to develop the truck I wanted. So I sat down and put all my field service dreams on paper and it all went from there,” said Service Manager, Tom Edgecome.

The truck has two 200-litre clean oil tanks for engine oil and hydraulic oil and both have digital flow meters and pneumatic pumps. It is also fitted with a 300-litre waste oil tank connected to a pneumatic 1-inch Greco diaphragm pump.

“This has really cut down on our major servicing times, because we can now pump out the hydraulic tank and pump it all back in, it’s a lot quicker and a lot cleaner,” said Edgecome.

“In the past we’d have to do a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to the workshop, to drop off the empty oil containers and used parts like hydraulic filters etc. Then we’d have to restock and head back to the customer again, it cost us a lot of downtime and I’d say we’ve now cut our service times down by a third with the new truck,” said Edgecome.

Forks ‘4’ U have already placed an order for a smaller NPR 275 Premium which will operate from their Townsville branch, allowing for greater flexibility with the region’s servicing requirements.

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