Ford Trucks continues expansion into Western Europe

Ford Trucks has entered the Austrian heavy commercial vehicle market in Europe, continuing its strategic expansion across the continent.

This follows the company’s successful and recent completion of its Eastern and Central European expansion including activation of distributors in Belgium, Germany and France, all of which are part of its Western Europe growth.

Ford Trucks combines more than 60 years of history and expertise in manufacturing trucks with product development capabilities.

Following back-to-back launches of distributorships through Western Europe, Ford’s only heavy commercial vehicle global brand Ford Trucks, which is based in Turkey, was awarded the 2019 International Truck of the Year (IToY) awarded for its F-MAX series.

With this, the second phase of its expansion plans, Ford Trucks has appointed F-Trucks Austria GmbH as the official distributor in Austria.

Previous to these developments, Ford Trucks distribution had been established in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the business was continuing to launch its operations in key markets according to Ford Trucks Vice President, Serhan Turfan.

“Building on our success in our current markets, our priority is to set up a strong Ford Trucks footprint in Europe with our solid product portfolio, strong dealer network, and wide service coverage with high competency,” he said.

“We aim to create value with the most efficient transportation solutions and our competitive positioning in terms of total cost of ownership. We believe that this strategy will bring us success in the Austria market, which is one of the key markets for our growth plans in Western Europe.”

Ford Trucks expects to enter northern European countries by 2024 with its growth projected to continue at a similar pace.

The company aims to be in 55 markets by 2025.

Turfan added that being in more European markets would contribute greatly to the global expansion of Ford Trucks.

“We see major opportunities for Ford Trucks in Austria, which is located at the intersection point of EU transportation routes,” he said.

In keeping with its aspirational goal of becoming a leader  in future sustainable transportation technologies in Europe, Ford Trucks unveiled its first all-new electric truck at IAA Transportation.

By 2030, 50 per cent of Ford Trucks sales in Europe will be zero-emissions the company announced.

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