Followmont Transport introduces three new prime movers

Followmont Transport has accepted delivery of two new Kenworth K200s and a Mack Anthem as part of its plan to invest $25 million into new equipment over the next 12 months.

Through this growth strategy, Followmont is looking to maximise its services across its regional network through Queensland and New South Wales.

The new K200s will be used for long haul and interstate work, while the new Mack Anthem will be sent out west for Followmont Transport’s short haul runs.

Followmont Transport Managing Director, Mark Tobin, told Prime Mover the fleet is looking forward to receiving an additional six prime movers in a few weeks.

“Each truck we purchase is for a purpose and what is suited for our network,” he said.

“We invest in equipment that we know will provide comfort and safety for our drivers and reliability for our customers.”

All of Followmont’s prime movers are fitted with Seeing Machines as standard, with air conditioning and microwaves as well.

According to Tobin, the company is continually updating the fleet to ensure it is providing drivers with the best gear possible.

“Their comfort and safety is our priority, we need to treat our team with the respect they deserve,” he said.

“As a business, we are in a good place and are charging forward thanks to our amazing people and our highly strategic Senior Leadership Team leading the way. But no matter how big we get, we will always stay true to our family values, as that is what sets us apart.”

Tobin said while there is a lot of opportunity in a rapidly changing industry, Followmont will continue to invest in the right places while supporting the regional towns to ensure they have supplies on shelves.

This is why the fleet recently secured $4 million of Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics’ equipment to make sure the supply chain wasn’t affected.

“We want to get trailers on the road as quickly as we can, so consumers are less affected,” Tobin said.

Part of this equipment will add to the remaining prime movers Followmont are expecting later this month, along with an additional four K200s.

Moving forward, the fleet will place a bigger focus on PBS combinations providing larger accommodation to reduce the impact on the road.

“Through our sustainability strategy, we are looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and PBS combinations will play a role in this, moving more freight with less trucks on the road,” Tobin said.

“This still means we are looking for great drivers to join our team to keep up with our growth and provide the same dedicated service to our customers.

“We remain a passionate family business committed to investing in our fleet, our network and our people to grow sustainably.”

Following the recent acquisition of North Queensland based, Bradco Transport, Followmont Transport is looking into other areas that offer a strategic solution for its customers.

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