FMH Group announces acquisition

Holding company, FMH Group, has acquired a leading general freight carrier with roadtrains.

FMH Group has acquired GKR Transport, an express service provider with transit capability in the East-West-East Lane.

GKR Transport will be joining Niche Logistics, BagTrans and efm Warehousing in the transportation and warehousing division of FMH Group, known as Logistics Holdings Australia.

The Group’s other two divisions are fourth-party logistics (efm Logistics) and technology (FLIP).

FMH Group CEO, Simon Slagter, said the acquisition is aligned to the Group’s strategy of expanding reach and service offering.

“We are delighted to acquire GKR Transport,” he said.

“GKR Transport has a strong brand in the market and highly respected leadership and I’m very excited to be bringing them into the fold.

“The acquisition will allow us to offer a superior transit service to customers across the FMH Group shipping freight from the eastern seaboard to Perth and/or return.”

GKR Transport will retain its existing identity and will continue to operate self-sufficiently but aligned to the Group strategy. The acquisition is also beneficial for GKR Transport, whose founder, Kevin Small, started the business in 1985 and will continue with the company.

“I am proud to have been part of building up such a successful company,” said Small.

“I owe my thanks and gratitude to fellow directors, David and Paul, and to our dedicated management and staff for making our success possible over the past 34 years.

“I am so pleased to see our company become part of a group like FMH Group, which has the technology and track-record to be able to take it to the next level.”

As FMH Group is a diversified logistics services organisation, all the companies within the Group are independent.

“Having a leading specialist provider in our Group gives us another bow to draw upon in customer solution design,” said Slagter.

“Our 4PL, efm, remains 100 per cent independent and will operate at an arms-length from GKR Transport.

“They will be subject to the same stringent screening process that efm undertakes for all its carriers.”

GKR Transport will reportedly be retaining its existing customer base and workforce.

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