Flood effects on transport industry

With Australia, and especially Queensland, depending on the transport industry to aid the recovery from the devastating floods in early January, the Trans-Help Foundation is pointing out the need to help many in the transport industry recover from the devastation in order to aid the recovery.

Trucks have been washed away, drivers have been stranded and freight schedules have been widely disrupted. Fuel stations have seen major flooding and storage tanks need to be pumped and cleaned before petrol and diesel can be delivered. Many drivers have been stuck at the roadside away from home with dwindling supplies and cash.

“With reduced income, no freight out of Queensland due to the floods, loss of produce and minimal fuel, this is going to have a chain effect,” said Dianne Carroll, CEO of Trans-Help. “We are hopeful that fuel and finance companies will negotiate with transport operators and be lenient with non-payment in the interim.

“Our foundation is already seeing the fear of the future and we see it is evident many will go bankrupt and there will be a psychological impact throughout the industry, on the road as well as within the family unit. We are hoping the government will extend the crisis payment and support to transport families affected by this disaster.”

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