Flinders Ranges purchase Isuzu

South Australia’s Flinders Ranges Council recently purchased Isuzu’s FRR 600 truck to help cover the 4,000 square kilometres of outback towns, national parks and mountain ranges, from Mount Brown Creek to Arkaba. 

The new FRR 600 is fitted with a tipper body and is used to complete town maintenance work. 

The Flinders Ranges Council’s Works Supervisor, Lee Braddy, who has been working for the council for the past six years, purchased the Isuzu based on competitive pricing and the vehicle’s strong suitability for the work.

With a five tonne payload, the FRR 600 can carry roadwork and street signs, tools and gardening products around the municipality.

“We use this particular truck to tow a plant trailer, which is a task that it handles extremely well,” Braddy said. “Each of our staff members who drive this truck find it very easy to operate and handle; personally I also like the fact that it’s easy to get in and out of.”

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