Fleet sustainability with Nova Systems

With more than 30 per cent of all CO2 emissions attributable to road transport, fleet operators have a major responsibility and opportunity to play a role in a greener future for our planet.

As the impending 3G shutdown forces all fleet operators to upgrade hardware to stay connected, this provides an opportunity to also consider the broader role that telematics can play on the journey of sustainability we must embark on.

While fleet operators have no choice to delay upgrades past June 2024 in order to stay on the air, proactive planning can minimise disruptions and ensure continued efficiency and productivity.

Logistics and supply chain will however become increasingly challenging as the 3G end of life approaches. The time to act is now.

Nova Systems provides it’s In-Vehicle Management System  or IVMS to a number of key clients with large fleets across Australia. In partnership with Geotab, who support close to 3.5 million vehicles on the road across the globe, Nova Systems has access to intelligence from the largest and fastest growing fleet of electric vehicles on the planet.

“The experience and intelligence of real-world Electric Vehicle (EV) performance allows unprecedented insights for planning, implementation, and operations,” said Nova Systems Director Business Development and Alliances, Paul Weiss.

“Nova Systems, in conjunction with Geotab, represent a world-leading value proposition in Australia for traditional and future EV fleets.

“By harnessing the power of 4G networks, EV telematics can be taken to the next level, with faster and more reliable data transfer and more advanced analytical capabilities.

“This will enable EV owners and fleet managers to make more informed decisions, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and ultimately maximise the value of their assets. We acknowledge that the 3G to 4G migration is a disruption; but it makes sense to use it as an opportunity to join the leaders in fleet sustainability.”

Geotab Associate Vice President Sales – APAC, David Brown, said: “Fleets need to understand the operational impact the 3G Shutdown will have on their organisation. There are a number of very important factors which need to be taken into consideration when choosing when you transition and whom you choose to work with.

“How long will vehicles need to be off the road for?

“Can you get replacement stock quickly?

“Are there installers available to undertake the task?

“Is the technology a good fit for future requirements? All these factors are crucial in making a decision.

“With Nova Systems and Geotab, we merge ease of install with our readiness to provision hardware quickly from our 3PL in Australia, also having the latest scalable technology to adjust as your business evolves for compliance, safety, data insights and sustainability.”

After six months of full operations, a fleet’s utilisation record can then enable EV vehicle matching and charging infrastructure assessment.

Contact the Nova Systems team via gap@novasystems.com to discuss your needs.

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