First new UD GK 400 for Freezex

Freezex operates a fleet of 20 trucks from its Marsden Park temperature controlled warehouse, delivering over 500 pallets of products to over 80 venues daily, with the assistance of subcontractors and an affiliate network. A new semi-automated UD GK 400 in a 4×2 configuration is the most recent vehicle to be added to the fleet.

The business is managed by brothers Ben and Luke Howard-Bath. According to Ben, the move to the semi-automated 4×2 truck is a trial of the configuration, but all factors point to it being the future of the business.

“Comfort, cost and manoeuvrability are the big things for us,” he said.
”One of the advantages of the truck I've found from a buyer’s point of view is cost – lower registration costs when compared to a bogey drive prime mover, and also less on replacement tyres, which are between five and six hundred dollars each on the drive axle. With a single drive there are four less tyres to replace.

“Also the manoeuvrability of that truck is great, you can get into really tight driveways, it basically spins on a dime. This first truck has been a trial for our business, and it's really paid off. Being a single drive, we were worried about the weight, but with the power available, it has never been an issue.”

The truck also features an SCR emission control system, which requires the addition of AdBlue fluid. “It won't necessarily translate to sales, but it gives the customer piece of mind that we are moving in the right direction.”

The new UD GK 400 is currently used to tow a 16 pallet trailer, which features its own stand alone refrigeration unit and fuel tank.

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