First JAC delivered in NZ

Auckland City Council has become the owner of the first JAC truck in New Zealand. A new JAC HFC1061K tipper was purchased for use with a 3.5 tonne excavator at the council’s Waikumete and Swanson Cemeteries.

It has been fitted with a steel tipper body that features underbody electric/hydraulic tipping, a flat deck, removable drop sides and a two-way hinged tailgate. The truck was supplied with ramps, tie-down points and chains to safely carry the 3.5 tonne excavator in the tipper body.

The new JAC truck was handed over to Auckland Council’s Daniel Sales
by branch manager of Auckland JAC dealer Intertruck, Hugh Green.

“Experienced Auckland Council staff thoroughly inspected the JAC trucks and were highly impressed with the overall quality and the use of components from major global suppliers,” said Daniel Sales.

“In particular the fact that the JAC uses Cummins engines as well as other quality components such as WABCO full air ABS brakes really impressed us,” he said.

“Above all we found that the package represented outstanding value for money and it was a combination of all those factors that led us to purchase the JAC,” he added.

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