Fines plummet by half with better signs: NRMA

Two of the NSW Government’s more profitable red light/speed cameras have seen a 50 per cent drop in the number of fines after their warning signs were improved, prompting the NRMA to call for an immediate assessment of warning signs at the highest revenue earning cameras across the state.

An NRMA Motoring & Services inspection last year of the warning signs at the Craigend St Darlinghurst and Ryde Road, West Pymble speed cameras led to the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) removing confusion by changing their name from “Safety Cameras” to “Red Light Speed Camera” and increasing the size of the signs.

In the three months following the improvement to the signs, the number of fines generated by these cameras plummeted by 53 per cent (256 fines) for red light offences at Craigend St and 51 per cent (1321 fines) for speeding offences at Ryde Road.

The improvements to the warning signs at the red light/speed camera on King Georges Rd, Roselands, saw the number of infringements drop by 17 per cent (434 fines).

NRMA Motoring & Services President Wendy Machin said high visibility signage made crash black spots much safer and helped motorists do the right thing. “When the public can see that there’s a red light/speed camera at a black spot they slow down which reduces the risk of dangerous crashes.

“The numbers are staggering; NRMA’s intensive campaign last year to get the State Government to replace confusing signage with clearer, unobscured warning signs has made these crash black spots much safer and is also helping motorists avoid fines and demerit points.

The NRMA is calling on the RMS to use infringement data from each camera across the state to identify problem locations and conduct an immediate safety audit of each location.

“We would like to see the RMS to go out to camera locations that are generating huge numbers of fines and identify what can be done to make the road safer, such as better positioned warning signs or removing advertising distractions and sign clutter,” Ms Machin said.

“Appropriately placed cameras play a vital road safety role and if the community is to have confidence that they are there for safety reasons only, then they must be clearly visible and clearly signposted,” she concluded.

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