Finding Another Gear

Once you’ve tried Allison transmissions, you’ll never shift.

It’s often said that without trucks, a country stops. In a country as vast as Australia, that’s certainly true.

Trucks travel thousands of kilometres every day of the year, keeping Australia moving. That’s why Allison remains Australia’s number one choice for fully automatic transmissions in medium duty and light heavy duty truck sales.

Fleet owners and operators understand that when it comes to reliability, productivity and ease of operation, no-one comes close.

Australia is Allison’s third largest market behind the US and Canada, according to Robert Cavagnino Australian Sales Manager for Allison Transmission.

“We have a quality product and work very closely with OEMs to be able to articulate what is needed for the harsh Australian environment, creating resilient vehicles to overcome myriad challenges,” he says. “A robust fully automatic transmission plays a key role in meeting that brief.”

To keep our trucking industry running smoothly – literally – you need safe, reliable, smooth transmissions. Allison Transmission is the world’s largest designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of fully automatic transmissions for medium-duty and light heavy-duty vehicles. And it’s why over 300 of the world’s most highly regarded commercial and military manufacturers specify Allison products.

But why do they, and thousands of other businesses globally insist on putting Allison transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems in their vehicles? Put simply, it’s because Allison products make their vehicles, and ultimately their business, more productive.

In the trucking and heavy vehicle industries, productivity can make or break a business. Allison automatic transmissions have a reputation around the world for quality, reliability and durability because they are designed and built to last.

They can also help businesses do more work in less time, which is basically the name of the transport and distribution game. How do they do that?

They provide superior startability, faster, more fuel-efficient acceleration, higher average speed, more kilometres per day and as result of all that, increased productivity.

“With greater reliability comes greater productivity,” says Robert. “We know that our customers rely on our transmissions to make their vehicles spend less time being maintained, and more time making their business profitable.”

In the long-run they cost less due to their unique design which requires less maintenance, making them more economical to run and allowing vehicles to spend more time on the road.

Since Allison Automatics use a torque converter instead of a dry clutch, wear and tear and subsequent maintenance and servicing are greatly reduced.

Of course, every transmission, no matter how well designed and built, will require some level of servicing. And for that, Allison has an extensive network of 43 authorised distributors and dealers across Australia and New Zealand.

Safety is, of course, a huge factor when it comes to medium and light heavy-duty vehicles. And in this area, Allison comes to the fore once again.

“With Allison Automatics, there’s no clutch or manual gear changing.” Robert says. “So driver attention and awareness is maximised, and both hands stay on the wheel during gear changes. In trucks or buses, that’s exactly where hands belong.”

When downshifting, the Allison transmission never misses a gear — the technology makes it impossible. Electronic controls ensure that the transmission is in neutral any time the driver leaves the cab, and the transmission automatically interlocks with equipment like rear door or ramps for added safety and security.

Better manoeuvrability is another huge advantage of an Allison Automatic. When driving uphill or downhill with a heavy load, Continuous Power Technology allows Allison fully automatic transmissions to deliver uninterrupted engine power to the wheels, for improved overall manoeuvrability.

The Allison Automatic gives operators greater control and makes the time spent out on the street as productive as possible.

Allison’s torque converter creates an infinitely variable gear ratio that further manages power to the wheels. Using just the accelerator means drivers can more precisely control vehicle speed, have more control on gradients, and ultimately protect the driveline from shock and reduce long-term vehicle wear and tear.

Delivering greater control, it also provides drivers with the ability to keep both hands on the wheel with no clutching or shifting. Additionally, it makes multi-point turns in tight spaces more efficient and manageable.

In Australia, a lot of valuable cargo spends a lot of time and distance on the road. Whether it’s delicate machinery, precious gems or livestock, it needs as little bumping and jolting as possible.

Allison, as well as anyone, understands these operational challenges. Again, the smooth shifting provided by Allison automatic transmissions eliminates jarring gear changes and creates a much smoother and more seamless ride for both driver and cargo.

It’s this performance that helps reinforce the adage that once a driver has tried Allison transmissions, they’ll never shift.

That’s exactly why Allison Automatics are made for Australia.

“You’ll never go back to changing gears manually again,” says Robert. “Having no clutch will be your greatest ally in those clutch moments.”

For Brisbane Truck Show attendees, Allison Transmission can be found at Stand 96.

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