Final ATA safety video released

The third and final part in the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Safety Truck video series has now been released.

The animated video outlines the major blind spots on a truck, which are directly behind the vehicle, in close next to the passenger side door, and coming up behind the driver side door.

According to Chief Executive of the ATA, Stuart St Clair, it was very difficult for a truck driver to watch out for surrounding cars when they linger in these blind spots. “When driving around trucks, it’s important for motorists to be seen; our blind spots are larger and in different places than in your average passenger car,” he said.

“By being aware and minimising time in these blind spots, motorists can help truck drivers make sure they have plenty of space when changing lanes, braking or manoeuvring.

“The trucking industry is constantly working to improve our safety through improvements in vehicles, training and procedures. With these videos and the ATA’s Truckies Top Tips, we’re also helping car drivers avoid dangerous situations on our roads.”

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