Fatigue Management screen released

Trimble Transport and Logistics ANZ has launched a new fatigue management screen aiming to make it easier for truck companies and drivers to remain compliant with the new Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

The fatigue management screen, which is displayed on the dashboard in the cab, delivers audio visual signals that proactively warn truck drivers and dispatchers when the maximum authorised driving time allowed under the new laws is close to being reached and when drivers need to take their mandatory break, helping to minimise risk and reduce the likelihood of any breaches occurring.

The fatigue management screen also keeps record of the truck drivers driving habits, history, breaches and unused time in accordance with the fatigue management scheme the driver is on.

“A truck driver who drives for too long is a danger to themselves and those around them. Our technology is designed to make driving safer by providing drivers and trucking companies with real-time information about excess driving times and dangerous driving practices,” said Tom Debeule, Business Development Manager, Trimble Transport and Logistics ANZ.

“The functionality of Trimble’s fatigue management screen will increase fleet performance and improve the fleet safety profile by enabling the dispatcher to effectively plan, deploy and monitor their fleet while ensuring all drivers are complying with the company’s fatigue policies and national laws,” he said.

Trimble’s intelligent fatigue management interface supports the Standard Hours and Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) standards.

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