Examining the new hybrid from Fuso

The latest Fuso Eco Hybrid is on the market now and Prime Mover took one of the first to come into the country on a test around the streets of Brisbane. This new Canter represents the state of the art in terms of Japanese trucks, featuring the well-received Duonic dual clutched automated manual transmission. In fact, it is this development which puts it on a par with its opposition.

The main impression from our first road test: It is possible to jump into the new Eco Hybrid and go about a day's work without even realising it is a hybrid. The only giveaway to the driver is a number of flashing lights and graphics telling them about the charge level of the batteries and how effective they are utilising the hybrid. It's safe to say most drivers would just ignore these and just drive as they would normally.

Arguably, there are not enough hybrid trucks around for there to be a general understanding about how they work and realise differences between the models on offer. They are simply regarded as an additional box on a driveline which works differently to a conventionally powered truck; and recent improvements in the system have led to a situation where the driver needs no knowledge of the technology to get a good day's work out of them.

With this in mind, Fuso gives the operator an effective hybrid package which will do its best in all conditions, according to our test driver, Tim Giles. “Although not completely idiot-proof – no truck is – the hybrid will bring down the fuel consumption of every driver, as long as they spend most of the time in auto mode,” he said. “The combination of hybrid driveline and Duonic AMT proves to be a good performer.”

Read more about the Fuso Eco Hybrid and the new hybrid technology in the current edition of Prime Mover

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