EPH invests in Cat trucks

A new truck deal between Victorian-based earthmoving and civil works company Eastern Plant Hire (EPH) and William Adams aims to position Cat trucks as the prime mover of choice for EPH owner operators.

EPH managing director Michael Willson negotiated the purchasing agreement to add two Cat CT 610 truck and dogs to the fleet. 

According to Willson, the deal not only delivers private owners pricing, service and maintenance benefits, but will also offer priority work scheduling from EPH.

“Our two Cat trucks are just the start of what we hope is a long term relationship between Cat, William Adams, EPH and our owner operators,” Willson said. “We are saying, EPH is proud to run the Cats as our flagship trucks. This should encourage our operators to also consider them.

“Cat and William Adams are supplying the product, the owner is providing the means to buy the truck and EPH will come to the party with the work.

“The only benefit that EPH receives out of this deal is having our operators driving around in quality trucks. Cat is a strong brand and they have produced a reliable truck.”

The CT 610’s are fitted with a Hercules tipper and dog bodies, which meet PBS requirements. “The CT 610 with a three axle super dog will give us 31.5-tonne payload on normal routes and 32.5-tonne on b-double routes,” Willson said.

Based in Clayton, Victoria, William Adams supplies Caterpillar products and services to the construction, mining, quarrying, agricultural, on-highway trucks and marine markets. Caterpillar is the one of world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

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