Engine oil does not wear out

Valvoline has just announced the release of a revolutionary new re-refined engine oil in Australia that could significantly reduce the dependence on crude oil, providing a brighter future for the next generation.

Every year more than 38 billion litres of oil are used worldwide, equalling more than 240 million barrels. In Australia, 350 million litres of oil are used every year, of which approximately 55 million litres are disposed of incorrectly. The waste from this oil is burned in huge incinerators emitting toxins and spillage, causing extensive damage to the environment, while some of it ends up polluting our environment. The world cannot deplete natural resources forever, and alternative means of sourcing and producing oil must be found.

Valvoline has developed the technology to produce re-refined engine oil that meets Valvoline’s stringent performance criteria and delivers exactly the same protection and performance as Valvoline's other lubricants, but at a much lower environmental impact.

“In the past, attempts to re-use engine oil were less than successful because the technology to re-refine the oil to acceptable standards was not available,” explained Ed Kopinksi, Technical Director at Valvoline Australia. “A commonly misunderstood fact is that engine oils do not wear out. The oil becomes dirty and the additives get depleted, but the oil is still an effective lubricant.

“Used engine oil can now be collected, filtered, de-watered, re-refined and re-hydrogenated. The end result is a base oil that has the same performance characteristics as base oil derived from crude oil,” he added.

Contaminants and broken down additives eventually reduce the lubrication of oil, but these add up to only 15 per cent of the total lubricant being affected by engine operations. The remaining 85% is regular re-usable base oil.

Using 50 per cent re-refined base stock and advanced additive chemistry, Valvoline NextGen meets or exceeds industry standards including API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Europeens d’automobiles) standards, and has been approved by major engine manufacturers, delivering on performance that rivals any refined crude oil products.

Re-refined engine oil has far less of an impact on the local environment than refining crude oil. Without having to extract, find and drill crude oil, re-refined oil saves energy, reduces emission and cuts fossil fuel consumption.

“Driven by the desire for environmentally responsible oil, Valvoline are now giving consumers the choice to make a difference,” said Tony McDermott, Marketing Manager at Valvoline Australia.

Valvoline NextGen and Valvoline NextGen Diesel are designed for use in most petrol and diesel engines, and are available through Auto One and Supercheap stores nationally across Australia. For a limited time, customers who purchase a 5L bottle of Valvoline NextGen or NextGen Diesel from a participating retailer will also receive a professional quality oil drain pan, allowing them to capture up to 8.5 litres of used engine oil.

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