Engine brake noise standard being developed

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has announced the development of a noise standard to prevent excessive engine brake noise.

The NHVR's forward work programme will include the development of new rules aimed at preventing excessive engine brake noise from trucks. Current work being done by the National Transport Commission (NTC) follows their review of a model law for engine brake noise where the issues were outlined in cooperation with the states and territories.

An initial engine brake noise standard and testing method was developed back in 2007 but was not implemented at the time. The introduction of the NHVR has given new impetus to the project and will see the development of operational enforcement procedures as well as testing and certification of the noise test equipment used to detect non-compliance.

“Roads and Maritime Services NSW is working with other states to develop these operational procedures,” said Dr Jeff Potter, NTC project director. “Once these operational procedures are complete, the NTC will work to incorporate the national laws for engine brakes as part of the Heavy Vehicle National Law.”

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