Encouraging year for truck sales

The latest truck sale figures for the month of November released by the Truck Industry Council show that the continuing gradual rise in sales figures looks set to continue. Coming off a low base, sales of trucks over 4.5 tonne GVM have increased over the numbers achieved in 2009.

Isuzu’s dominance of the overall truck sales figures continues to improve as it approaches the 22nd year at number one in the Australian market. It is now sitting at 25% market share well ahead of second and third, Hino and Fuso.
In the heavy-duty sector, Kenworth appeared to be returning to its position of dominance with a massive 212 sales recorded for the month of November. Volvo also made a good showing, late in the year, achieving 114 truck sales for the month.

Isuzu’s dominance of the medium duty sector continues to increase. It is now running at a market share of 41.8%, much higher than the level it was running out before the global financial crisis hit truck sales figures at the end of 2008.

It is much the same story for Isuzu in the light duty segment with another increase in market share to 38.7% for the year. The Japanese importer has now sold twice as many trucks in 2010 as second placed Hino. There is also a fierce battle for second place between Hino and Fuso with only seven truck sales separating the two at the end of November.

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