Electronic work diary website

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority has set up a website to make information available about the Electronic Work Diary (EWD) Pilot the state authority is currently running. The website at www.ewd.gov.au gives a rundown on how the scheme is supposed to work and will provide updates as to the pilot scheme's progress.

“We know that there is a lot of interest in the EWD Pilot both nationally and internationally,” said Transport Certification Australia CEO, Chris Koniditsiotis. “The transport industry has told us repeatedly that they see the replacement of the written paperwork diary with an electronic system as having huge potential for boosting productivity, efficiency and safety by streamlining the collection and use of information.

“The EWD Pilot will help stakeholders to better understand how EWD's perform on the road, in the real world, so that practical business rules can be developed and put in place to support them in the future. The EWD Pilot website will provide EWD participants and stakeholders with access to an important portal through which they will be able to both easily access current and up-to-date information, and provide their feedback.”

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