Eagle flys into refuse

The vehicles are all integrated with industry leading Superior Pak refuse collection bodies to ensure the highest levels of total system productivity. The new Dennis Eagle Elite 2 chassis represents a quantum shift in performance for refuse collection vehicles.

The new trucks and bodies are significantly safer, greener and more productive. The Dennis Eagle Elite 2 chassis offers a larger glass surface area plus a comprehensive mirror system for significantly improved all around vision.

A unique single low entry step with large convenient grab handles ensures safe and low effort entry and exit of the vehicle.  It offers a walk-thru cab ensuring operators never have to enter or exit the vehicle from the traffic side. 

Disc brakes with ABS offers significantly shorter stopping distances and braking stability over vehicles equipped with drum brakes. And the new factory built dual control units are equipped with two fully equipped driver stations with complete instrumentation and controls and optimised wipers to ensure safe vehicle operation from either driver station.

The new Dennis Eagle Elite 2 chassis are powered with the latest ADR 80/03 – Euro V emission compliant Cummins ISL engines with SCR technology.  This engine offers more power and torque with reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

The vehicle is equipped with a unique side by side radiator/charge air       cooler arrangement to ensure optimum cooling performance in Australia’s demanding conditions while also lowering maintenance demands. Add to this an advanced 6 channel ABS brake system with traction control the vehicle can be counted on to stop safely in less distance and put power to the road when needed despite terrain conditions. 

Disc brakes generally offer extended service intervals compared to drum brake installations and the advanced Cummins engine offers extended oil change intervals compared to the previous engine generation. The features lead to best in class productivity for the new chassis.

The new Dennis Eagle Elite 2 is available in 5 standard configurations – 4×2 RHS, 4×2 Dual Control, 6×4 RHS, 6×4 Dual Control and 8×4 RHS configurations.  All are equipped with the Cummins ISL Euro V engine and mated to the Allison 4th Generation 3000 series of transmissions.   

The vehicle comes standard with Dana axles and Hendrickson HA air suspension on the rear axles.  A broad range of cab and chassis options are available to ensure the product can be tailored to meet most refuse customer requirements. 

Dennis Eagle products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand thru the Western Star/MAN dealer network.

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