DTNA unveils range of powertrain components

Daimler Trucks North America is showcasing its full range of optimally aligned commercial vehicle powertrain components produced under the Detroit brand umbrella for the first time at the Mid-America Trucking Show.
Engines, transmissions, and axles will be offered in all DTNA trucks under the Detroit brand umbrella, which was first introduced to the public in October 2011.

The integrated powertrain will enable Daimler’s commercial vehicle subsidiary to respond even better to customer wishes, as it boasts improved fuel efficiency, increased durability and dynamic handling.

“The powertrain plays a key role in our worldwide use of synergies within our globally operating company,” said Daimler Board of Management member responsible for Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses, Andreas Renschler.

“The powertrain is the heart of a truck. It not only propels the truck forward, but also constitutes more than half of the vehicle’s overall value. We will be the first truck manufacturer in the NAFTA region that offers a complete powertrain out of its own production. The Detroit brand components benefit from Daimler Trucks’ global research, development, and production activities. We can also pass these benefits on to our customers.”

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