Driver work diaries to be overhauled

In partnership with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), industry and governments, the National Transport Commission (NTC) has announced it will revise the National Driver Work Diary to reflect the requirements contained within the new Heavy Vehicle (Fatigue Management) National Regulation 2013.

The new Regulation will come into effect as part of the new national heavy vehicle laws later this year, and will be administered by the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

The NTC’s Acting Chief Executive, George Konstandakos said the work diary is an important part of managing fatigue for drivers of heavy vehicles. “The regulations require that work diaries are used to ensure that drivers and other parties in the supply chain meet their fatigue management obligations,” he said.

“The changes to the diary bring it into line with the new fatigue regulations which were approved by the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI) in March 2013 The new diary will have simplified daily sheets and will also be accompanied by advice on the fatigue laws so drivers can easily reference information most relevant to their duties. These changes will make it simpler, quicker and clearer for drivers to fill out the daily sheets as there is less information required and not as much duplication,” Konstandakos said.

“Over the past two years, one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve had from industry has been the desire to see a simpler work diary, and more flexible and practical fatigue management regulations,” added Richard Hancock, CEO of the NHVR. “Improving the work diary, and improving the law, will help drivers, and other responsible parties in the supply chain, to ensure that their focus on managing fatigue isn’t diminished by undue difficulties in managing the paperwork.”

According to Hancock, the new diary will reduce any possibility that a ‘paperwork error’ could lead to a fine, while still ensuring that critical information regarding fatigue management and rest breaks is clearly recorded. “There will be no reduction in the effectiveness of road safety law enforcement; in fact, we’ll be even more focused on the things that really matter.”

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