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Jim Zonnios’ journey with Logical Staffing Solutions started in early 2017, when he approached the company for a path back into the transport industry he had long loved. “I was ready for a change,” he shares. “On my daily commute, I passed by a billboard in Laverton, Victoria, for Logical.
Jim has been working in and around transport for as long as he can remember, so after proving his credentials and reliability to Logical Staffing Solutions, he was very happy to be back behind the wheel of a truck later that same week.

“It was only a couple of days between the moment I walked into the Logical office and was sent out on a job,” he says. “When I call them up, they are always receptive, helpful and happy to find the right job to fit my skills and needs. I’ve only had good dealings with Logical.”

In the three decades since Jim first drove a truck, he has gained vast experience as both a contractor and driver-for-hire, acquiring a multi-combination licence along the way.

Currently, Jim is driving a Bruce Rock Engineering tipper with a Hardox wear plate, moving scrap metal for Liberty OneSteel in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Several times a day, he completes a round trip taking in the suburbs of Brooklyn and Laverton. Between client visits, he enjoys the solitude working as a driver affords him. “I do enjoy interacting with clients on the job once I arrive at the destination,” he says. “Along with that, there’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with driving a truck. When I’m not listening to talkback radio, I’m enjoying the long silences. Even with another person in the cabin, I’m very quiet – there’s something about the silences that you just get used to and eventually savour.”

Jim takes pride in his personal presentation. He likes to look the part, even if his assignment doesn’t require a lot of face time with customers between arrivals and departures.

“People present their best when they’re representing others,” he says. “I’ve found that the bigger transport companies prefer a dress code, and that’s quite alright with me. The company I’m with always makes sure that I’m properly kitted out, and I wear the name with pleasure.”

Jim believes that there are four vital aspects to consider when driving a heavy vehicle. “Safety, reliability, performance and presentation are crucial for drivers,” he says. “I strive to excel in all areas, because I take a lot of pride in what I do.”

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