DP World new truck marshalling area goes live

DP World Fremantle Terminal has advised that completed in-gate systems testing of the new Truck Marshalling Area (TMA) is now live.

Fremantle wharf carriers have been reminded that license plate recognition will be in place at the main gate and this will be linked to their booking.

Once the system is fully operational, trucks, however, will no longer require RFID Tags.

DPW has further advised that BAT numbers are still required and as per the Carrier Access Agreement must be displayed on both doors (driver and passenger) and on the cabin roof.

BAT numbers, moreover, must be displayed in A4 size.

If early for a booking, drivers must utilise the Fremantle Ports’ TMA.

Trucks are not permitted to park on Rudderham Drive.

Consistent with current practices, out-of-gauge (OOG) containers should proceed directly to the Security Gate and bypass the TMA.

The speed limit in the entrance lane is 10 km/h.

Drivers are instructed to stop & swipe their MSIC at the first Camco Kiosk, confirm details on the touch monitor and receive a ticket – there is an intercom to use at this Kiosk if issues arise.

Once the ticket is received, drivers are encouraged to proceed to the designated TMA area (A, B or C) and do their twist-locks.

MT bulk run trucks are advised to unlock twist-locks in the designated bays and proceed straight through to the main gate.

Drivers with booking issues should proceed to the Help Bay which is located off to the left passed the first Camco Kiosk.

Drivers in the allocated TMA Bays must wait for their BAT number to be displayed on the Call-Up Board.

Once the BAT is displayed on the Call-Up Board, drivers proceed to the main gate and swipe their MSIC (again) to gain entry to the Terminal operational area.

The long-awaited infrastructure investment at DPW Fremantle is expected to assist greatly in reducing truck congestion inside the terminal as individual trucks will be able to be called forward depending on the area of the terminal to which they are being assigned.

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