DP World adds to truck arrival capacity in Melbourne

Investment in additional slot capacity and extended operational hours have been undertaken by DP World in Melbourne.

DP World Logistics has announced that it will implement 24/7 operations at its Melbourne Logistics Park (MLP) in the Port of Melbourne Swanson Precinct from Monday, 8 April 2024.

MLP is one of the largest container parks in Melbourne, with a capability of approximately 8,500 TEUs, providing empty container storage, wash, maintenance and repairs, laden container storage, reefer monitoring and storage, intermodal operations and biosecurity services.

DP World Logistics has advised that it will continue to allocate truck arrival slot capacity in three-hour blocks, with the last slot drop at 2pm covering all additional slots from 3pm on the current day through to 9am the following day.

This will add significant additional truck arrival capacity at the facility.

On average, Notification Fees for Empty Container Depot truck arrivals in Melbourne have increased by over 21 per cent in the last two years.

DP World have on this occasion reinvested a proportion of that additional revenue back into depot operations.

As highlighted in the Victorian Empty Container Park Paperless Truck Arrival Trial concluded in August 2023, truck servicing can be up to 30 per cent more efficient and truck arrival and handling capacity can be doubled when investments are made to facilitate paperless truck entry and expand operating hours.

DP World Logistics has invested in paperless truck entry and now will be extending its operating hours.

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