Disparity between improvements and funding

The National Transport Commission (NTC) recently released a discussion paper called Smart Transport for a Growing Nation, which highlights the disparity between transport system improvements and their funding and the lack of public knowledge about the way our roads and rail systems are funded.

“Our research found that Australians have very little knowledge about the way that the transport system is funded, or about pricing models that operate overseas. Interestingly, when given further information, the community was more open to pricing reform – as long as it was fair and did not limit car use,” said NTC Chief Executive, Nick Dimopoulos.

According to the discussion paper, Australians want a better transport system, but reject many policies that would help pay for it. It also explores opportunities for reforming Australia’s freight and passenger transport networks, in response to challenges such as population growth and ageing, urban congestion, accessibility, rising oil prices, and carbon pollution.

“There are currently $85 billion of transport projects on the national infrastructure priority list with some estimates of an overall infrastructure backlog of $770 billion,” said Mr Dimopoulos.

“Looking at ways of financing this backlog and introducing new policies to improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure will help ease the impact of urban congestion on road users and our economy.”

The Smart Transport for a Growing Nation discussion paper can be accessed via the NTC website www.ntc.gov.au and will be open for public comment until 14 October 2011. The NTC invites individuals and organisations to issue submissions.

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