Discovery Channel inside Scania’s V8 factory

A British film crew has visited Scania  to shoot an episode for Discovery Channel's popular show “How do they do it?” The episode will be about 10 minutes and broadcast throughout the world.

The theme is Scania’s prestigious V8 truck. “The film crew will document machining work on the engine, how the engine is assembled, tested and finally assembled with the chassis and cab as a complete truck off the assembly line,” says Patrik Rask at Scania Visits Management.

Discovery Channel’s “How do they do it?” goes behind the scenes to discover how things are done and made. Previous episodes have, for example, covered such diverse subjects as accordions, cricket bats, submarine rescue and how hotels always manage to have hot water in showers.

Patrik Rask is experienced in assisting television crews in filming in Scania’s production facilities. “My role is not only to show TV crews the very best we have to offer, but also to provide a fair balance between the photographer’s need for the best shots and our interest in not interrupting production or causing accidents.”

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