Design under way for ‘unofficial’ alternative truck route

Concept designs and potential solutions for improvements to a formal alternative truck route around Victoria’s city of Sale are now being developed following community engagement.

More than 11,000 people were reached through online engagement and face-to-face community sessions on the $450,000 planning and development study to identify potential infrastructure improvements along the route.

VicRoads Eastern Regional Director Scott Lawrence said that the feedback received, along with critical discussions with directly affected landholders, has been of paramount importance in the development of the designs and potential solutions. 

“This project is really important to keep our freight moving and removing heavy vehicle bottlenecks from the Sale CBD.

“I’d like to thank the landholders, local community and stakeholders for providing their input into this important planning study and encourage people to come along and check out the proposed concept designs,” he said.

A number of different options have been explored for improvements to the Sale Alternative Truck Route these include: new roundabouts at the intersections of Sale-Heyfield Road and Myrtlebank-Fulham Road, Maffra-Sale Road and Myrtlebank-Fulham Road, and Myrtlebank Road, Princes Highway and Bengworden Road; bridge strengthening; road widening; shoulder widening and sealing; pavement strengthening and, edge and centre-line flexible safety barriers.

These improvements aim to enable trucks to travel more efficiently and safely around the Sale township, reduce travel times by up to five minutes, reduce the number of trucks travelling through the Sale CBD and provide a safer route. 

The concept designs will be on display at community information sessions being held at the Bundalaguah Myrtlebank Hall in Bundalaguah and Gippsland Centre in Sale.

Information received is being used to inform the development of a business case to explore future funding opportunities to implement these road infrastructure improvements.

Community Information Session 1

When: Wednesday 21 March
Time: From 2.30pm until 7.30pm
Where: Bundalaguah Myrtlebank Hall (Bundy Hall)

Community Information Session 2

When: Wednesday 28 March
Time: From 10.00am until 4.00pm
Where: Gippsland Centre, Sale

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