Delco Remy IMT starter motor

Ashdown-Ingram is placing orders for Delco Remy’s new IMT starter motor which is due to start arriving in the next few months. This new IMT starter motor features an integrated solenoid, making it more compact as well as eliminating components.

Its integrated clutch and nose-less planetary gear system combines the function of separate subassemblies into one. This gives it a smaller shifting mass, increasing ring gear life due to the reduced impact force of the pinion gear. Synthetic oil in this clutch and planetary gear system also extends the life of the drive system and the IP67 rated sealed clutch prevents ingress of dust and brush powder as well as retaining oil. Its reduced weight of 18kg is 1kg less than a 39MT and 14kg less than a 50MT. The IMT has IMS, JSP and OCP options available.

The 12 volt IMT model is a 6kW starter motor with an application range of up to 14 litres and the 24 volt model is a 9kW starter motor with an application range of up to 15 litres.

For more information on the new IMT starter, contact Delco Remy’s Authorised Master Distributor Ashdown-Ingram.

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