De Bortoli Wines increases trucking fleet

Wine wholesaler De Bortoli has added a new UD MK and PK model to its fleet. “We now have six trucks in our fleet and all are UDs,” said De Bortoli Wines' Melbourne Warehouse Manager, John Briers – revealing that the trucks are already very busy, delivering around 50,000 cartons or 400,000 bottles across Victoria and Tasmania each month. 

The need for reliability was an important consideration for purchasing the trucks. Briers drove UDs for De Bortoli Wines 16 years ago when he first joined the company as a driver. “We’ve had them for as long as I can remember and when I first started as a driver I was always behind the wheel of a UD.”

He added that UDs are “great on the road” and the running costs over the lifetime of the truck are better than other manufacturers, making it an easy business decision for the group.

The new trucks were have built-in automatic gearboxes, which made it easier for the drivers. ”We have always had manual trucks, but now we’ve had an automatic one we won’t look back,” he explained.

“They’re easier to drive and limit the stress on our drivers, which means they can focus on other elements and don’t spend the whole day changing gears,” he said.

De Bortoli was founded in 1928 by Italian couple Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli and has grown to supply wine to wholesalers, restaurants and shops across Australia.

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