DB Schenker showcases sustainable logistics on prototype Porsche

DB Schenker has partnered with Porsche Motorsport to showcase its new electric race car.

DB Schenker has partnered with Porsche Motorsport to showcase its new electric race car.

The new GT4 e-Performance race car prototype, capable of accelerating from 0-200 kilometres an hour in 5.6 seconds, has been brought on a demo tour to Australia as part of a complex logistics journey.

DB Schenker’s vision for sustainability in logistics.

Spanning 40,000 kilometres and multiple countries, the global tour was organised by DB Schenker’s head office in Germany, and as it came time for the car to visit Australia in March 2024, DB Schenker Australia and New Zealand took over this leg of the journey.

DB Schenker has a specialised Fairs, Events, and Special Logistics division which has significant experience in projects such as this, and was able to help ensure a smooth journey.

“Our team really went above and beyond to make this tour as successful as possible, and worked to overcome any logistical challenges, from documentation, to quarantine, to being flexible to adapt quickly to evolving situations, such as changes in routes,” said Craig Davison, CEO, DB Schenker Australia and New Zealand Cluster.

“We want to be realistic about this – we’re not saving the world on this journey, but we are taking important steps to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible and to transition to clean, green logistics solutions,” he said.

“For example, to reduce carbon emissions the car was predominantly shipped via ocean freight, and as much as possible, marine biofuel was used to power the ships. Other transport methods throughout the tour include emission-free rail transport and all-electric trucks.”

With the GT4 e-Performance adeptly loaded into a 20-foot ocean container, DB Schenker safely transported the vehicle to each new location. The car is a rare, prototyped vehicle for customer racing, with currently only two in the world.

In addition to being an electric vehicle, the car has other sustainability features built in, including special race tyres made from recyclable material. The vehicle’s body is made of, among other things, composite materials based on natural fibres.

There have been two stops on the Porsche GT4 e-Performance Demo Tour in Australia. The first was at the Porsche Centre in Alexandria, where writers and media were invited to discover the unique design and capabilities of the electric racing car. The second was at the 2024 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, with motorsport enthusiasts able to see the vehicle for themselves during the event.

At the Sydney Showroom, Porsche Motorsport Project Manager for the GT4 e-Performance, Björn Förster, lifted the bonnet to reveal one of the three batteries, and went on to explain that they are cooled by a special cooling liquid that eliminates thermal derating, and allows the prototype to achieve maximum output for the entire duration of the battery’s charge.

“Underneath the elegant exterior, the GT4 e-Performance harnesses the potency of a breathtaking 1,088 hp (800 kW) in qualification mode, alluding to its race-derived roots and Porsche Motorsport’s commitment to cutting-edge technology,” said Förster.

“It seamlessly switches to a consistent 603 hp (450 kW) during a 30-minute race, aligning lap times and top speeds with the formidable 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3 Cup,” he added.

“The GT4 e-Performance follows Porsche’s overall vehicle electrification and sustainability strategies. It also showcases a number of ground-breaking technologies relevant to motor sport, many of which could potentially make their way to future Porsche road cars.”

It us understood that DB Schenker is entertaining up to ten bids including one from Maersk to acquire it after DHL withdrew from the race.

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