Daytime running lights improve road safety

According to recent studies by the Victorian Government's Transport Accident Commission (TAC), daytime running lights are able to prevent almost 25 per cent of fatalities in multiple vehicle daytime accidents, 20 per cent of casualties in multiple vehicle daytime accidents and 12.4 per cent of multiple vehicle daytime accidents.

Daytime running lights have also been found to increase drivers' peripheral perception of vehicles and have minimised the number of right-hand turn accidents during recent Australian motorist trials. It is also acknowledged from further international accident studies that failing to see another road user in time (or at all) is a contributing factor in over 50 per cent of all daytime accidents.

For daytime intersection accidents, this figure increases to as much as 80 per cent. For these reasons alone, it is easy to understand why the European Union made these safety enhancing vehicle lights mandatory on all new passenger vehicles produced from 2011 and commercial vehicles from 2013.

Lighting specialist Hella is one company that already offers a comprensive range of universal retro-fit LED daytime running lights which can be fitted to any vehicle. They are activated once the vehicle ignition is switched on and will switch off automatically once the headlamps or parking lights are activated.

According to Hella Australia, it should take no longer than one to two hours (on average) to fit any Hella daytime driving lights to a commercial vehicle with clear fitting instruction included. 

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