Dana teams up with PACCAR Parts on driveline replacement program

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of driveline components to original equipment manufacturers like PACCAR, Dana has joined forces with PACCAR Parts to effectively cater to the replacement driveline component needs of Kenworth and DAF truck owners.

Perhaps due to the fact they are tucked away out of sight beneath the chassis and are rarely cause for trouble, the humble truck driveshaft is generally given scant regard by truck owners and operators alike. However, it hasn’t simply happened by chance that this critical component of every truck is largely considered ‘set and forget’ over long periods of hard work.

This is due, in no small part, to the tireless work that goes into engineering, research and development and other investments that go into these products to ensure they go the distance – and then some.

This entails a mind-boggling set of criteria that must be met to ensure the products exceed the expectations and needs of the most demanding truck operators in the country.

As a perennial favourite in the heavy-duty truck scene in Australia, Kenworth trucks in their various guises are well-known for their inherent ability to last exceptionally well under arduous conditions. This well-deserved reputation has been earned because every single component that makes up these machines has been demonstrated to provide the necessary levels of durability and performance for the intended purpose.

But as with all mechanical components, drivelines do eventually wear out and require changing, which is why replacement units that match the standards of the OE parts need to be quickly and efficiently sourced in the interests of keeping the wheels of valuable equipment turning. For operators of Kenworth and DAF trucks, the partnership between Dana and PACCAR Parts ensures the prompt availability of OEM quality parts no matter where they are located around the country.

For its part, Dana continues to develop its products and services to ensure the best quality components are readily available, while PACCAR Parts has the comprehensive network and wherewithal to source and distribute the components in a timely and efficient manner.

The main objectives of PACCAR’s Genuine Drive Shafts program are to ensure the consistent in-stock availability of inter-axle shafts which have a universal commonality amongst many heavy-duty trucks, as well as a rapid solution for main driveshafts which, due to varying wheelbase lengths, come in a wider range of sizes. 

In this way, truck operators can be assured of minimal downtime due to promptly delivered Australian-made replacement components from a trusted OEM supplier.

According to Phil Reynolds, Senior Product Manager for PACCAR Genuine, the company’s main objective is to imbue confidence among its customers; confidence that the parts supplied are identical to those originally designed, tested and approved by PACCAR engineers and subsequently fitted to new Kenworth and DAF trucks on the company’s Australian assembly line. 

“The Kenworth DAF dealer network recognises the importance of holding critical inventory and accessing channels that allow for fast turnaround of components to maximise customer uptime,” Phil said.

“Interaxle driveshafts were the first stage in a full driveshaft program rollout in 2019 that now provides Kenworth and DAF owners and operators with the choice to go to their PACCAR dealer for the same components as originally fitted to their vehicles when they were assembled at the factory.”

In addition to driveshafts, PACCAR Parts recently launched PACCAR Genuine universal joints and PACCAR Genuine clutch installation kits, further growing the list of first-fit products carrying the PACCAR Genuine identity.

Phil Reynolds stresses that while there are a number of driveline component suppliers in Australia, choosing PACCAR Genuine driveline components ensures the quality and reliability remain consistent with what is expected from the Kenworth and DAF products.

PACCAR Genuine universal joints also come with a 24-month warranty, and driveshafts and clutch installation kits carry a 12-month unlimited-kilometre warranty.

In addition, all PACCAR Genuine products are supported throughout Australia by the Kenworth DAF dealer network which includes more than 57 locations around the country. These include 53 PACCAR Parts outlets and four TRP Truck and Trailer Parts stores.

There is a raft of technical data pertaining to the operation of the trucks that is analysed by Dana engineers in order to maintain the bullet-proof reputation of its products.

This information is used to determine stringent guidelines for product performance and durability to ensure its driveshafts and associated components exceed the requirements of demanding applications in which hard-working Kenworth and DAF trucks are engaged.

For a start, the most obvious factor is the vehicle application – whether the vehicle’s baseline duty cycle will be primarily on-highway, off-highway or somewhere in between. Flowing on from this are other critical elements including the net input torque from the engine, gross vehicle or combination masses (GVM/GCM), axle load capacities and rear axle ratios.

For off-road all-wheel-drive applications the low- and high-range transfer case ratios are another important consideration.

Then there are other perhaps slightly less critical aspects such as universal joint working angles, low and high gear torque ratios, wheel slip torque, tyre-rolling radii, engine clutch engagement torque at various engine RPM, maximum vehicle operating speed, torsional and inertial vibrations and static as well as dynamic centre bearing loadings.

In a nutshell, literally not one stone is left unturned in the quest to analyse and evaluate every conceivable force and impact that can affect the lifespan and performance of the Dana driveline products that are sold as PACCAR Genuine components through the PACCAR Parts and TRP Truck and Trailer Parts networks.

The strong synergy between Dana – as the local designer and manufacturer of top-quality OEM driveline components – and PACCAR Parts –  which sources and sells the products to customers across the country – provides the end user with replacement parts that are identical in every respect to those which were fitted to the vehicle on the assembly line.

This is by far the best way to ensure the longevity and reliability of the Kenworth and DAF products at hard work in the tough Australian environment.

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