Daimler Trucks posts record revenue for 2012

Daimler Trucks substantially increased both sales and revenue in 2012. Despite reports of economic restraints, the global truck manufacturer reported revenue growth of nine per cent to €31.4 billion (AU$39.3 billion).

“We’ve done relatively well in a difficult situation,” said Andreas Renschler, who was recently appointed as the Daimler Board of Management member responsible for Daimler Trucks and Buses.

“We substantially increased sales and revenue despite volatile markets, thus demonstrating … that we are properly positioned. That’s because our global presence enables us to offset the effects of weak markets more effectively.”

According to Renschler, growth occurred in particular in Asia and the NAFTA region. Overall, Daimler’s Truck division sold 462,000 vehicles in 2012, nine per cent more than in 2011. Sales in the NAFTA region rose by 18 per cent to around 135,000 units (114,000 in 2011), and in Asia by 21 per cent to 164,000 vehicles (135,000 in 2011). In Western Europe, Daimler Trucks’ sales declined by six per cent to 58,000 units (61,400 in 2011). The result in Latin America was particularly impacted by the steep contraction of the Brazilian truck market. As a consequence, sales in the region as a whole dropped by around 25 per cent to 46,200 vehicles (61,900).

“The year 2013 will be challenging and business has been rather sluggish in the first few months. However, in the second half of the year the markets should gather momentum,” Renschler added.

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