Daimler launches BEV speciality brand

RIZON medium-duty truck with stake bed for landscaping tasks.

The Daimler Truck group has launched a line of electric trucks in the US market under the new brand name RIZON.

The RIZON brand and its vehicle offerings will be presented to the public for the first time at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Anaheim, California.

RIZON’s identity is rooted in the brand’s commitment to form a partnership with business owners as they shift to zero-emission transportation.

In an official media release, Daimler Truck noted fleet owners and truck drivers will be comprehensively supported through an experienced dealership network offering a range of services that help deliver the seamless experience customers expect from Daimler Truck’s brands.

Consulting on AC and DC charging as well as telematics access will be available while flexible financing is provided by Daimler Truck Financial Services.

Three model variants, the e18L, e16L, and the e16M, will be the first trucks available under the RIZON brand.

The brand will offer a versatile mix of configurations and options suitable to each customer’s unique requirements to optimise day-to-day operations and productivity.

The medium-duty battery-electric vehicles, ranging from 7.2 tonnes up to 8 tonnes gross vehicle weight, are able to run from 177-257 kms for L size variant with 3 battery packs) and 120-177 kms (for M size variant with 2 battery packs) on a single charge.

These trucks are ideally suited to a variety of applications such as dry vans, flatbeds, landscape dumps, and reefers.

RIZON trucks incorporate advanced passive and active safety systems to help safeguard drivers, passengers, and the communities in which they operate.

Daimler Truck safety technology such as Active Brake Assist and Active Side Guard Assist included will help secure the driver in stop-and-go traffic and congested urban areas.

RIZON trucks are capable of being charged by two types of battery charging systems, Level 2 AC Charging (J1772) and DC Fast Charging CCS1 compliant.

The RIZON brand will also carry a class-leading warranty package that protects the powertrain, chassis and cab, for 5 years/123,000 kms and the high voltage batteries for 5 years/193,000 kms.

With this initial product selection, RIZON trucks will target businesses involved in urban retail logistics, last-mile deliveries and municipal work.

Starting Q4 2023, they will be distributed in the United States through an exclusive agreement with Velocity, an established name in the commercial vehicle industry with around 80 global outlets.

With sales consultants and technicians experienced in commercial e-mobility, Velocity touchpoints will serve as one-stop-shops for customers interested in making the jump to electric trucks.

Additionally, Velocity will be appointing dealers for RIZON in areas outside of Velocity’s footprint to provide a seamless network across the United States.

“The mobility industry is changing rapidly as legislation and customer initiatives focus the spotlight on zero-emissions commercial transportation,” Daimler Truck said in a statement.

“Incentive funding and tax credits in certain markets are also helping to ease fleets’ switching costs. As this dynamic new marketplace develops, RIZON stands ready to assist customers in making their transition.

“Through its partnership with Velocity and these favorable shifts in the transportation landscape, Daimler Truck expects attractive growth potential in the medium-duty electric truck market as for the RIZON brand in the years ahead.”

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