Custom Kenworth K200s for Skyroad Logistics

Newly formed company Skyroad Logistics has just taken delivery of two new custom-designed Kenworth K200s to transport air cargo between airports.

According to Skyroad Logistics CCO, Peter Assel, the Kenworth designed the K200 prime movers to be used for Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved combinations.

“The trucks have been built for the 20m Level 1 PBS, which has allowed us to design the trailer as 16.6 metres and the K200 has been made at the right size to fit in the overall 20m,” said Assel.

“Kenworth was the company that was best able to help us with the PBS design, and optimised the wheelbase and specifications of the truck to match the trailers. Others weren’t able to customise their truck offerings to give us the optimum layout.”

According to Assel, the K200s boast a Cummins Signature 615hp engine, Eaton drivelines and a number of safety features including EBS, ESC, Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Assist, power steps and Safe-T-Screen.

“We spent a bit of time writing a risk register for all the risks our cargo and our drivers are exposed to on a daily basis, and looked to see what we could mitigate with safety features,” said Assel.

“The Safe-T-Screen is a European standard screen option to protect the driver from projectiles such as rocks and bricks, and the active steps assist the driver getting in and out of the cab-over style truck.

“Fatigue management was also high on the list, so the Lane Departure alarm is there to notify the driver if they wander on the road, and the Collision Mitigation helps to minimise the risk of rear ending vehicle in front.

“We believe our people are our biggest asset so we’ve invested in trucks to help our drivers do what is a very demanding job.”

Started in July 2015, Skyroad Logistics specialises in the transport of goods between Melbourne, Sydney, Coolangatta, Brisbane and Perth airports.

(image: Skyroad Logistics COO, Peter Assel, and Daniel O'Hara from Hallam Truck Centre Sales)

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