Cummins Westport to develop medium duty natural gas engine

US engine specialist Cummins Westport is developing a mid-range 6.7 litre natural gas engine to meet the increasing demand for on-highway vehicles.

Known as the ISB6.7 G the engine will be based on the diesel fuelled ISB6.7 and will use Cummins Westport’s spark-ignited stoichiometric cooled exhaust gas recirculation (SEGR) emissions technology. Exhaust after treatment will be provided by a simple maintenance free catalyst. The engine will run on compressed natural gas (CNG), which can be stored on the vehicle in either a liquefied natural gas (LNG) state or as CNG.

The new CNG engine is expected to be in production by 2015 and is supposed to meet the next level of US Environmental Protection Agency emission regulations that will be in force at that time.

“The addition of the ISB6.7G will round out our family of high performance natural gas engines,” said Jim Arthurs, president of Cummins Westport, highlighting that it is aimed at the medium duty truck and vocational markets.

The Cummins Westport joint venture has brought together the expertise of Cummins’ engine technology and Westport’s track record as a leader in alternative fuel and low emission engine technology including CNG, LNG, hydrogen and biofuels such as landfill gas (methane).

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