Cummins ISB engines ready for Euro 6

When the new Euro 6 exhaust gas emission standard commences in the European truck market on 1 January 2014, Cummins said the ISB engine will comply to the new rules.

Australia is likely to receive the new ISB range as we get closer to the introduction of ADR 80/04 later in the decade.

In europe, the ISB is available with up to 310 hp and uses both exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and variable geometry turbocharging (VGT) to enable it to control exhaust gas emissions. The new engine also uses a Cummins after treatment system, which combines a diesel particular filter with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to keep emissions compliant.

The requirements of Euro 6 have also led to a higher level of on-board diagnostics within the engine system in order to monitor exhaust gas emissions performance.

“Our testing has successfully validated Cummins hardware and control strategy for Euro 6 in extreme temperatures,” said Jonathan Atkinson, Cummins Chief Engineer of Product Development in Europe.

“It has proven that the upgraded Euro 6 OBD would not generate unnecessary fault codes that could limit vehicle operation in these difficult climates. This has been an important step in our development programme, ensuring that Cummins Euro 6 package delivers for all vehicle users, where ever they operate.”

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