Ctrack Executive Dashboard

The recently launched Executive Dashboard from fleet management specialist Ctrack simplifies the access and analysis of multiple metrics for senior management and fleet managers of road transport companies so that operational efficiencies can be found both on-road and in the office.

Advancements in software integration and data management are now such that fleet management systems are widely considered an indispensable tool for fleet managers as they look to leverage data in an era of mobile commerce and network bandwidth. Global fleet management specialist Ctrack has launched the Executive Dashboard, a summarised view of fleet management data as part of its business intelligence engine that enables the user to analyse multiple metrics in charts and tables at a glance. As part of Inseego Corp, a leading provider of SaaS and IoT solutions, Ctrack is a global brand and its Executive Dashboard is part of Ctrack Online, the company’s existing software platform. It offers user-friendly navigation of key metrics that commonly impact the bottom line of transport businesses. Driver behaviours, utilisation and other vital telematics data often referenced to identify and minimise the likes of harsh braking and cornering events or unassigned drive time, can be amplified and pored over through easy to read charts and graphs.

As it can be time-consuming to identify the root causes and the cumulative effects of unnecessary costs, the Executive Dashboard, according to Dale Kingston, Ctrack Technical and Product Lead, can reduce the time managers typically spend having to sift through hundreds of pages of PDF reports as they look to disclose trends in risk reduction and greater fuel efficiency.

“The Executive Dashboard caters for different metrics across any fleet type or size,” he says. “Drop downs on side displays can help the user drill down on fleet information and isolate the sequence of events that contribute to driver scores.”

Any abnormalities repeated in driver behaviour are recorded in detail making it ideal for use by executives and the higher management team who are upskilling staff in search of greater productivity and safety compliance. Driver scores factor in acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, idling and kilometres driven, among other relevant behaviours. Key criteria from which drivers are to be measured can be cross-referenced with working hours to provide nuanced statistical reporting and an additional layer of evaluation.

“That’s a big piece that I think a lot of fleets may be missing,” says Dale. “Which one of the drivers is the most at risk?” 

Data on idling hours can reveal excessive fuel burning, for instance, on a hot day when a driver might be more likely to indulge in the comforts of air conditioning or when an engine is left running while a delivery is being made. 

Speeding incidents are measured across three categories. A category one confirms when a vehicle has exceeded the speed limit by between 0-10 kilometres. Each category increases in ten kilometre increments. Summaries accumulate data according to days, weeks and months.

Business and private settings can be configured for trip allocations to help determine usage outside of business hours. As it’s all gradable on the same tool, the Executive Dashboard helps with maximising the use of assets across multiple territories, an advantage for businesses juggling multiple lease plans in which vehicles not in use can be redeployed or sold off.

“The Executive Dashboard allows for highly detailed main metrics so that decisions that pertain to meeting daily targets and key performance indicators can be made very quickly,” says Dale. “That way fleet managers know when and where vehicles need to be reviewed as a priority and what discussions need to be undertaken.”

Ctrack now offers a drill-down capability on individual vehicle and driver detail in a couple of clicks. The Executive Dashboard’s powerful business intelligence engine also calculates meaningful and like-for-like comparisons, so road transport and logistics organisations can effectively view and compare data trends.

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