CRL Express celebrates milestone

CRL Express logo.

CRL Express has celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Having withstood the tumult of COVID lockdowns and its impact on the market, CRL Express has remained steadfast in its approach to providing a personal solution-based approach and transparent service nationwide.

In a statement online, the company said Managing Director, Roy Kazamias had, from humble beginnings, aspired to build a business that would change the status quo.

“It’s fair to say that transport and logistics overall is heavily labour intensive, and cumbersome industry,” the company said.

“With that comes a lot of risk of human error and in conjunction with the social economic market over the past two-three years, we’ve endured some tough and challenging times,” the statement continued.

Despite these obstacles CRL Express was committed to making its vision a reality for the long-term.

It has done so, in part, by fostering a culture of respect, honesty, continuous improvement, trust, and loyalty.

“It is our passion to have a harmonious and happy work environment for our team,” the company said.

“We truly believe that if you look after your team, your team will look after your clients.”

Reaching the milestone of five years was credited to “outstanding leadership”.

In January the company announced the appointment of a new General Manager.

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