Craig Membrey celebrates 60th birthday with ‘bucket list’ Kenworth T610

Membrey’s Transport & Crane Hire Director, Craig Membrey, has taken delivery of a new Kenworth T610 for the fleet’s heavy haulage division.

With a custom-built bullbar and 860mm sleeper cab, the prime mover is powered by a 600hp Euro 5 Cummins X15 engine capable of 2,050/ft of torque and an Endurant XD Pro 18-speed transmission.

Membrey told Prime Mover that the Kenworth was another truck on his bucket list which he can now say he proudly owns.

I love Kenworths and I thought it was a pretty cool looking truck, so it was great that we could do one in my colours,” he said.

“The T610s have really good fuel economy because of the aerodynamic cabs on them.”

In its operations, the T610 will cart B-doubles and roadtrains all around Australia for the fleet’s heavy haulage division.

According to Membrey, who took the prime mover for its first trip up to Rye Park Wind Farm in New South Wales, it has performed fantastically so far.

“It’s comfortable to drive and it’s got an automatic in it, so I can’t miss any gears,” he said.

The unit is also equipped with a smart TV, microwave, fridge and Icepack – all driver comfort features which Membrey said will make its long journeys more enjoyable for the operators.

“It has plenty of features that we love supplying to drivers to make their lives easier, because it’s a hard life doing interstate haulage,” he said.

“The more luxuries there are, the more comfortable the drivers are.”

The Cummins X15 engine, like the many other instalments in the fleet, has also shown its worth.

“We haven’t had any dramas with them at all,” Membrey said.

“We’ve had an awesome run with all of our X15s, so we’re really impressed with their performance.”

Membrey’s Transport & Crane Hire was established in 1962 with just four prime movers and eight pieces of equipment.

It has since grown to now operate a fleet of over 100 highly specialised trailers.

Membrey, who has been operating the business for more than 34 years, treated himself to the new Kenworth for his 60th birthday.

“I like doing trucks up and I love spending money, unfortunately,” he said.

“So, as part of my celebration for my 60th birthday, I went a bit crazy and bought a few toys.”

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